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Balayage o Ombré, it's all Latin to me...


Lately, people have been walking into the salon, requesting balayage and ombré, not knowing the difference between the two. Balayage is a technique for highlighting the hair. It’s way for the hair to be painted, creating a gradual natural, diminished-type look. Ombré is the term used for the hair color fading from dark to light, or light to dark. It can start from the roots darker, and gradually get lighter to ends, or vice versa.

"Balayage and ombré, are often used together, depending on what your end result is."

The difference between the two terms, one being a technique and the other meaning fading from dark to light, can be used together to create an ombré. There are many different techniques for ombré, and your stylist will choose whichever they are comfortable with, or based to achieve the desired look.



Balayaged Ombre
Balayaged Ombre 2



The way an ombré is achieved can vary widely from stylist to stylist. Our very own Valentina wrote about “Teasy lights,” one of the many ombre techniques. Check out her article, to see if it suits your hair desires, for more information. There are ways where a stylist can divide the hair using foils, or saran wrap. Those techniques provide protection against color bleeding onto unwanted hair pieces, to ensure it has that sleek polished gradual look. Some stylists use a pallet to paint or “balayage” the ombré. Balayage and ombré, are often used together, depending on what your end result is.

It's not too late to get your ombré, this color style isn't going away anytime soon!