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Winter Nails 2015


Winter Holiday Nails

Nail art ideas to inspire you this holiday season.

1. Snowflakes

My number one most requested winter nail design. Also referred to as “Frozen Nails.”  Combined with glitter you can get some very magical effects.




2. 3D Sweater Nails
Created with pastel-colored cables made from gel or acrylic.  Finish it off with a matte top coat to complete the look.

2015 winter 2


3. Ugly Sweater Nails
More sweaters!! Cozy up with these adorable hand drawn designs.

Ugly Sweater Nails

4. Candy Canes
Simply delicious! Go with stripes, swirls or miniature candie.

Candy Cane Nail Art



5. Tartan Plaid
The chic option for winter nail art.  Lots of color combos to choose from.

2015 winter 5

6. Starry Night
One of art history’s most famous images now signifies a season.

2015 winter 6


7. Silver Chrome

Very popular in Europe. To get the true look, American brands of polish just don’t cut it.  You’re better off ordering press-ons if you want a true mirror finish.

Chrome Nails


8. Shattered Glass
This gorgeous look speaks for itself.

Shattered Glass


9. Snow Globe Nails
This extreme 3d trend got its popularity in japan.  Stuff your globe full of your choice of charms and glitter.

Snow Globe Nails


10. Match your favorite dark lipstick.
Purples and deep reds are in for fall and winter.   If nail art isn’t your thing, you can keep it simple with these dark colors.

Dark Shades for the Winter


These and other nail designs can be created here at Phoenix Twin Salon by our Nail Artist Stormi Holt.



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