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Prive Formula Aux Herbes

Prive Hair Formula with Herbs

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Privé means Private: Brought to you by Phoenix Twin Salon

A local of Biarritz, France, Laurent Dufourg's found this undiscovered need for a private list of items beneficial for hair which prompted the creation of Privé formule aux herbes, a premium hair grooming line. Getting back to his French roots, Laurent actually created select home grown mixes to accomplish the most difficult styles organically. These personally selected groups of home grown herbes give remarkable benefits to every Privé style, finish, cleanse, conditioner and treatment.

Saryna KEY

Saryna KEY


Saryna Key Hair Therapy

African Shea Butter

Back in '07 the benefits of Pure African Shea Butter were unveiled by Mr Sabag, the CEO of SarynaKEY, to the people.

The compound is rich in keratin, antioxidants, aminos, minerals and vitamins to name a few. Mr. Sabag was introduced to Mrs. Saryna Commodore, an anthropologist and daughter of a pharmacist, in South Africa by a supplier. Mrs. Commodore spent many of her adult years in Africa living in the villages of native Africans while volunteering and studying their daily life. She is now back in southern France selling medicinal supplements in her pharmacy.

ELC the Dao of Hair

ELC the Dao of Hair

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The Message of Dao

The path to natural beauty while living life in harmony with our environment.

By respecting our surroundings we build a safer and brighter future for coming generations. Our desire is to pass on these values and their importance to positively impact the world we live in.

ELC carefully develops high quality products while maintaining standards that are gentle to our environment. Our respect for nature is clear from how we create our products to our environmentally friendly, biodegradable packaging.