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Hair Color for the Color Blind

hair color justus 2The Same Old Touch-Up

So it’s been six weeks and guess who’s back.  Your ROOTS…”My name is Kunta!” (movie flashback) It’s that time again. The moment we do our strict routine to push back the bittersweet monster that is age.  Let's assume you want to take a different route regarding color, so when choosing the most flattering color how does one decides which way to go?

This Can Be Tricky

Let’s focus on some common commercial looks. Let’s start with the color black. “Oh Black, you can turn heads in a room.” Either towards you or away from you if not done tastefully. In 16 years of doing hair, I have learned that some men and women, as they see more signs of age either come off as artificial or looking older with black colored hair. With that being said if you take good care of your health, skin and tan any pasty parts, then you can get away with a darker color longer.

"Unless you're a stripper or Dog the Bounty Hunter, STOP and get your butt outta there!"

"Choosing black or a dark brown tone can also emphasize your stronger features. Dark toned hair tends to really make your eyes pop.  Brunettes and raven haired beauties reflect light and have a shinier appearance. It carries a more exotic and mysterious tone. So if you're feeling a little femme fatale, try going darker. Putting a few lighter brown pieces around the front to lighten your features is another option.

hair color justus 3

On the Lighter Side

There are a lot of blonde addicts out there. I mean that. God forbid anyone knows you're not a natural blonde. But hey, honestly I can't hate on you since you keep my 6 kids fed and paid for little Billy’s braces with all the visits to my salon.

Lets go over some ground rules for choosing the right blonde. Most important if your not white and you want white people hair don’t just run towards the bleach. I’ll give an example. You're a cute mixed asian female with black or almost black hair and you want to be a hot mixed asian female with super blonde hair. Majority of stylists might just turn to bleaching your roots then highlights. Unless you're a stripper or Dog the Bounty Hunter stop and get your butt outta there.

hair color justus 1Trust is Key

The perfect looking Blonde in my opinion is where there are 2-3 different tones of light and dark blonde. So when it comes to the base color or also known as root color I like to stay between levels 6-8 and add a combination of highlights and lowlights. If you're confused when I mention levels don’t stress. Heres a clue. Level 1 is black and 10 is pale yellow. I go darker on the root color in order to achieve depth.

So here are some words of wisdom according to me which are validated through a few mistakes and many successes. Just always remember choose a stylist that you trust and that you have a good rapport with and stay clear of BOX COLOR.


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