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Justus Kerr


Justus Kerr

Justus Kerr

I have been a hair artisan for over fifteen years. I have been an educator for 8 of those years. In those fourteen years I have developed a passion and hunger for the industry that I'm in. I am currently living and working in beautiful Las Vegas. I have been here for the last 8 and a half years. I originally started with Robert Cromeans and worked on stage with many talented stylists such as Stephanie Kolchelski and Takashi Kitamura. After I left Robert’s salon I then worked at many of the higher end salons on the Las Vegas strip. Being on the strip allowed me to make the connections with Laraunt D. with Prive Products. This allowed me to travel all over the United States educating stylists on haircutting as well as the Prive product line. Also I have had the privilege of working under a great colorist and friend, Michael Boychuck. Who has also worked with Laraunt Deforge..

"Those days are long gone now my attention is all about hair...

A lot of my clients know me for more than giving them the best look possible or for just flipping my scissors around in many directions. They leave my chair knowing that I'm passionate about all the things i love. I have always been this way. Almost to a fault. I get my inspiration from a few different places. One at the top of my mind is by watching those that are better at what I love than me. I have always had a thing that fights inside me that says “I can do that”. Of course it’s not so easy to compete with those that are so good, but i’ll be damned if i wont try. Ever since I was in high school I've had this attitude and thus the reason I became a dancer and choreographer. Those days are long gone now my attention is all about Hair.

This brings me to this point “I love to teach”. I love meeting other stylists’ rite where they are. I have found on numerous occasions that when I am in front of a large group I am a fish in water. It’s not about what I know that they don't it’s directly the opposite. I talk about the things that most stylist either don't like to talk about or don't feel comfortable in front of other stylists. I break down the bad habits that all of us have picked up along the way for starters. i.e.. many stylist only use 2 to 3 base products they know well and the same goes for their tools. Its time to own our craft. This to is also hard to do when we have the daily grid of clients coming in and out plus we have Bills to pay. That is why when I get in front of my peers I break the ice immediately by letting them know that I am there only to inspire and to take a time out from the every day routine.

I have had the privilege of working on a few celebrities. Here are a few of those names, Bette Middler, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Tilly, Jasmine Guy, Aaron Carter, Jamie Lynn Siegler (Meadow from the Sopranos), and many local news anchors and talent that perform in the Vegas Hotels. Even though I have done some people in the public eye my preference is that one client that needs to feel good about her self and has given me the honor to change her look. That really does it to me when a client loves the way he or she looks after I have done their hair. Its what keeps me going as a stylist and also why choose to work with the Prive Product Line. I feel that the company really cares about the individuals look.